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The all-new 2018 Restaurant Recommendation List!

During the winter of 2017/18 we had the ambition of going to every eating establishment in Saugerties.  While our original goal was to eat everywhere, even including fast food options, Sheila suggested that Dunkin Donuts was the same the world over and we didn’t need to include it.  So here is an updated list of places to eat that while not inclusive of every place, is fairly comprehensive. Also please note - most of the places are in Saugerties.  There are obviously lots of fantastic restaurants in surrounding towns such as Woodstock and Kingston, but we’ve mostly focused on the great dining that’s available within a 10 minute drive. If you’ve heard of one not on the list, ask us about it!   Here it is!

A note about prices - “pricey” for our area is different from “pricey” in NYC.  Our code is:

    $$$    entrees in the $22 - $35 general range

    $$    entrees in the $16 - $25 general range

    $    entrees in the $12 - $22 general range

$$$ restaurants

The Red Onion : great all-around food, often locally sourced.  We love everything we’ve eaten here, the atmosphere and people are great, and it’s close by!  MANY of our guests have gone there and thoroughly enjoyed it. Reservations are a must!

        http://redonionrestaurant.com/  845-679-1223

        5 minutes/3 miles away

New World Home Cooking  :I’ve kept this in the listing for those who love the restaurant...tragically, it’s closed!

Annarella   One of our favorite local restaurants, and where we go for a treat.  The decor isn’t cool like you millenials probably look for, but you’re assured of an excellent meal. I thought the lemon chicken breast (Pollo al Limone) was one of the best chicken dishes I ever had!            

        http://www.annarellaristorante.com/ 845-247-7289

        9 minutes/5.7 miles

Diamond Mills:  this is a big hotel/restaurant/convention center in downtown Saugerties, right on the water.  The food got mixed reviews when we went there recently - some of our party thought it was quite good, others (Rich) weren’t impressed.  BUT, they have a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the Esopus Creek where you can eat bar food and have cocktails. In the evening they light up the waterfalls, and it's really quite lovely.

http://www.diamondmillshotel.com/tavern  11 minutes/4.7 miles

Other Saugerties $$$

Miss Lucy’s Kitchen: lots of people love this place.  We weren’t impressed, but admittedly it was about 6 years ago we went there.. So don’t rule it out on account of this lukewarm review.  A nice atmosphere, but pricey for the quality/quantity of food. We’re going to try it again soon and write a more extensive review.

Land and Sea: right off the Thruway entrance.  We went there once and were not happy.  Maybe we hit it at an off day…

$$ Restaurants (some as good or better than $$$, so why spend the money?)


Blue Mountain Tavern and Tandoori Grill: We just started going to this place, which opened in May, 2017.  It serves EXCELLENT curries and Indian food - they also serve burgers etc., which we haven’t tried.  Outdoor seating in the summer. The only Indian food in town.


        8 minutes/4.4 miles

Pig Bar: downtown Saugerties, the bar/restaurant food is good, the beer is good, and it's the only place we know that stays open (and serves food) till 1:00 AM or later.  Wednesday night is Burger Night with $6 burgers (last year anyway). We liked the place the one time we went.

        110 Partition St., Saugerties

        10 minutes/4.4 miles

The Dutch Ale House : we love this bar/restaurant for it’s homemade beers and great menu.  I always get the Fiesta Turkey Burger, but everything is just great.

        http://www.dutchalehouse.com/menu/  845-247-2337

        9 minutes/4 miles (downtown Saugerties)

Main Street Restaurant.  Pretty good Mexican food - nothing special, but a nice enough atmosphere and very convenient.  A little less expensive, a little less fancy, very generous portions and very informal. We like it!

        http://www.mainstrestaurant12477.com/  845-246-6222

        9 minutes/4.2 miles

Love Bites: we’re trying to get back here, only been once.  Great breakfast, good vegan options, wonderful salads, very tasteful food in general.

        http://lovebitescafeny.com/  845-246-1795

        9 minutes/4.3 miles

Tokyo Station: all types of Asian food.  Not bad, and reasonably priced.  The best thing about it is the view overlooking the Esopus Creek (river) which is lovely especially in the late afternoon/early evening.  They also deliver! There’s another Chinese Restaurant in Saugerties - Szechuan King - which we won’t mention.

    http://www.tokyostationny.com/ 845-247-8888

    10 minutes/4.6 miles

Black-eyed Susie’s: been there once and it was pretty good.  Some people love it - it was a little cramped for me but maybe not if you live in NYC.  Some good veggie options as well as others, including “comfort food”. Reservations a must, since it’s quite small. Take out option!

    https://www.blackeyedsuziesupstate.com/ 845-247-3069

    11 minutes/4.5 miles

Rock da Casbah: also been there once - pretty good comfort food. Small, 60’s rock motif which is OK I guess if you lived through it (as we did) but otherwise...its cozy.  When I searched for their website, I got something completely in Japanese, which it isn’t, and is strange…

    216 Main St., Saugerties  845-247-3929

    11 minutes, 4.5 miles

Tomo Japanese Restaurant: quiet, standard and pretty good Japanese food.  Lots of good roll selections. Convenient/take-out etc.

    http://www.tomosushijapanesehouse.com/location.html 845-247-2488

    5 minutes/4 miles

Emiliani Ristorante: pretty good Italian food, nice quiet family atmosphere, cloth tablecloths and napkins, which we like!  Moderate prices.

    http://www.emilianiristorante.com/ 845-246-6169

    7 minutes, 3.7 miles

Other Saugerties $$

El Rancho Mexican: haven’t been there for a few years.  Not sure…

Mirabellas: a bar/restaurant.  Nachos, burgers and stuff.  Never been there - doesn’t look great to me, but hell - give it a try!

Bella Luna: pizza and Italian food.  Went one time - the pizza wasn’t at all good.  ALL of the pizza places listed below are better. There’s nice outdoor seating in the summer.  Seems like a nice place to have a drink.

Buns Burgers: new burger place with “NYC Style” burgers, conveniently located right off the Thruway exit (you take a right off the exit and there you are).  It’s pretty good, and a good bet if you want to stop and pick up some burgers on your way to Creekside.

        http://www.saugertiesburgers.com/ 845-250-5807

        5 minutes from Creekside, right off Thruway exit/entrance

Pizza $ - delivered or eat there - all within 4 miles!  Ask them to deliver to 9 George Sickle Rd., and mention which door (far right, second from right, cabin off to the right etc.)

Giordano’s - wood-fired pizza - quite good!  Close by. 845-246-9515

Slices - good pizza and other stuff.  http://www.slicesofsaugerties.com/ 845-247-3966

Village Pizza - good food - nicer to sit down than the others.  Used to take the kids there as a treat when they were little.  Fond memories! - 845-246-3103

Pizza Star - good pizza too - the closest to us, right by the thruway entrance, attached to a pretty good diner: http://www.thestarwaycafe.com/ordereze/home.aspx 845-246-5710

Two Brothers - not recommended...pizza was weak - try the other places first.

Other Places:  As mentioned, there are many wonderful area restaurants not listed.  Places in Saugerties tend to be less crowded than Woodstock, though when HITS or other festivals are in Saugerties, things heat up.  Here are a few other thoughts...

Vegan:  we love The Garden Cafe $ in Woodstock (about 7 miles right in the center of town off the village green).  If you have never eaten strictly vegan food, give this place a try - the food is excellent and the prices are quite reasonable.

                      http://thegardencafewoodstock.com/  845-679-3600

        10 minutes/6 miles

Mexian/Southwest: Santa Fe $$: Woodstock.  High quality Mexican.  Nice atmosphere. Good drinks!

http://www.santafewoodstock.com/  845-657-5555

13 minutes/8.6 miles


Middle East/Mediterranean: Joshua’s $$  Woodstock - always a good meal in the heart of Woodstock.  

        http://joshuaswoodstock.com/ 845-679-5533

        10 minutes/6 miles

Other:There are LOTS of other great restaurants and plenty of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French etc.  Some are close, some are in Kingston or Woodstock. Everybody raves about The Bear and La Cuchina in Woodstock.  We haven't eaten often at these places, but I'm sure you wouldn't go wrong at either one - both are on the pricier end of the area.  If you find another restaurant you think you might like - ask us!  Bon Appetit!  


There are five (!) diners in Saugerties - frankly we haven’t eaten at them much since we don’t generally go out for breakfast.  Can’t really guide you here, but if you go to one, let us know how it is!

Starway Cafe - right off the Thruway exit/entrance next to McDonalds.  

Saugerties Diner - also right off Thruway exit -make the right by the Speedway Gas station and its next to the Howard Johnson’s.

Village Diner - Main Street Saugerties

Barclay Heights Diner - short distance outside of town on Rt. 9W

Apollo Diner - Rt 32 right past the Thruway South entrance connected to the Howard Johnsons.  They have the largest menu - maybe we’ll chance it soon...

Love Bites: mentioned above.  This is your best bet for a “cut above” breakfast.

Hudson Valley Dessert Company: nice bakery on Main Street in Saugerties.

Oriole 9: right in the center of Woodstock.  Very good food, a little pricey for breakfast and sometimes there’s a bit of a wait.

Bread Alone: also right in the center of Woodstock.  Drop in breakfast/lunch cafe - they make their own baked stuff.  Can be crowded as well...

Stuff to do

13 Wonders of around here: these are 13 amazing places to visit within 45 minutes of Creekside.  They are all very highly recommended and are in order of distance from us.  There is LOTS MORE to do, so please mention any special interests you have.

All of the hikes in the Catskills (not Opus 40, Falling Waters, Lighthouse) require appropriate footwear.  We like to use hiking poles - if you don’t have one, we have some spares so just ask. Take water! (we can rustle up some extra water bottles also).

Opus 40: this wonderful experience is only a mile down the road - you can easily walk to it.  Opus 40 is a stone construction built by artist Harvey Fite over the space of 37 years (he died in the final years of construction), and consists of stone pathways and bridges the like of which you’ve never seen.  There is also a small Quarryman’s Museum that is interesting and contains a brief video of the making of Opus 40. This is a great trip, will take about 1-2 hours to leisurely browse through. Take a lunch and enjoy.  Unfortunately, it is closed during the winter. To get there, take a left out of our driveway and go to the end of George Sickle Rd., then make a sharp right...and you’re there. There is a $10 admission charge - well worth it!  http://www.opus40.org/

Saugerties Light House: this is a fun place to walk out to (the path can be a little marshy) and enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner.  It’s also a bed and breakfast - our competitor! http://www.saugertieslighthouse.com/

Huckleberry Point: a lovely hike ending in a spectacular view of the Hudson Valley/River.  Go up Platte Clove Road in Saugerties and look for the Trailhead signs on the right up at the top (of a very steep road that is closed in the winter)  Another one is…

Platte Clove Preserve: this is a lovely short hike culminating in a gorgeous waterfall.  It’s a little before the trailhead to Huckleberry Point - you will see a small cottage on the left and often a few cars parked there.  

Pecoy Notch: still going a little farther on Platte Clove Road, turn left onto Dale Rd., then right onto Roaring Kills Rd.  Take the Pecoy Notch, not the Mink Hollow trails. About 1.7 miles in is the most amazing place - a gorgeous view from massive stone seats built by lunatic quarrymen in the 1800s, it is really a fine, fairly short hike.  Keep going on for more cool places and views.

Falling Waters Preserve: right outside of Saugerties, this is a lovely nature preserve right on the Hudson.  It’s a great, easy walk and a lovely place to picnic. http://www.scenichudson.org/parks/fallingwaters

Hiking in the Catskills: there are hundreds of miles of great trails - many of which we’ve been on.  Check out the websites for details and directions, such as: http://www.catskillmountaineer.com/hiking-CMBH25.html .  We have a few maps you can borrow, and plenty of advice to make your hiking adventure an enjoyable one.  

Tibetan Monastery (TDK): set on the top of Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, this is a unique and awesome place to visit - you won’t see anything like it perhaps in the entire country!  Call ahead for tours of the main prayer room, which features a giant gilt statue of Buddha inside a wonderfully painted hall. http://www.kagyu.org/

Kaaterskill Falls: this deserves special mention, as it is a unique waterfalls and particularly wonderful in that you can get right it in!  It can get VERY CROWDED on a hot summer weekend day, but it’s worth the trip. You can also access the top of the falls from the entrance to North/South Lake.  http://hikethehudsonvalley.com/kaaterskill-falls/

Olana: this is a little farther out - about a half hour - but a wonderful trip!  Olana was the home of the famous painter Frederic Church. It’s also a unique and wonderful place - good for a picnic and not just for artists!  http://www.olana.org/

Innsfree: these are amazing gardens, about an hour’s drive south in Millbrook.  Check out the website - it’s well worth the trip, perhaps on your way home to NYC. http://www.innisfreegarden.org/

Minnewaska: a state park about 45 minutes south of here outside of New Paltz.  Miles of wonderful trails, a gorgeous lake, a beautiful waterfall - it’s a real special place!  http://nysparks.com/parks/127/details.aspx

Lesser (but still great) wonders

Breweries, Distilleries, Galleries, Classes, Shopping, Museums, Tours - just ask us!

Little/big Deep: ten minutes down the road, this is a great place for a mild walk and a wonderful swim in the summer.  Caution: it can get quite crowded on summer weekends. There are lots of swimming holes, and a waterfall under which you can also swim.  We walk our dog here most days. It’s beautiful! Turn left on Rt. 212 about 4.3 miles, then turn left on Zena Rd. The small parking area is opposite a cornfield on the right.  Park and walk in the trail.

Onteora State Park: a little farther away - about 15 minutes.  This is state land with two lovely little lakes - you can swim, picnic, hike.  There are no lifeguards, so swimming (and admission) is free! We love this place!  Follow the directions to Little Deep above, but keep going on Zena Road till an intersection with a firehouse on the right.  Turn right (it’s still Zena Road) and go to the end at a traffic light. Turn left onto Rt. 28 for about a mile - after a small shopping center on the left (a deli, wine store, gourmet store) turn left into the parking lot.  You can park down below, so keep going on the road.

Great Vly: you’ll basically need a boat/canoe for this one, but if you’re into birding, this is the place to go! http://10000birds.com/birding-the-great-vly-saugerties-new-york.htm

Hudson River kayaking: want to paddle the Hudson? We haven’t ourselves been to this place, but several of our guests have highly recommended it - I Paddle.  http://www.ipaddlenewyork.com/

Woodstock Animal Sanctuary/Catskill Animal Sanctuary: these two animal sanctuaries are special places - dedicated to the protection of all sorts of abandoned/endangered animals.  Both offer tours - call ahead. https://casanctuary.org/ and http://woodstocksanctuary.org/

Shopping in Woodstock and Saugerties: Plenty of great shopping in each town.  Saugerties tends to have the cool antique stores, while Woodstock has all sorts of craft stores.  And by the way, there is an awesome craft’s store Craft’s People, about 20 minutes away if you are looking for every kind of craft.  http://www.craftspeople.us/

Don’t forget - The Orpheum, Saugerties’ tri-plex movie theater.  Mondays and Thursdays are $5, other nights are still a lot cheaper than the mall and close by.  Even the popcorn is a (relative) bargain. More options in Kingston.

Shopping (close by)

Supermarket: Price Chopper in Saugerties.  When you get off the Thruway at exit 20 turn right (from the South - left from the North), go about a mile and you’ll see it on the right.  They have most things you’ll need.

Farmers’ Market: Saturday mornings in Saugerties (and Kingston), Wednesday afternoons (Woodstock).  Small but good stuff.

Wine/Liquor: Town and Country in Saugerties, in the small shopping center where CVS (below) lives.  

Beer: go towards Saugerties, turn right after the railroad tracks.  Beer Universe.  Also Price Chopper has a good selection.

Drug Store: CVS (turn right (South) or left (North) from the Thruway and you’ll see it on your left in a few hundred yards.  For local service, Saugerties Pharmacy in downtown Saugerties.

Hardware Store: Smith Hardware in Saugerties is great, but not open Sundays.  Home Depot and Lowes in Kingston.

Health Food Store: small Mother Earth in downtown Saugerties, much larger one in Kingston about 20 minutes away.  Both are good.

Sporting Goods: Dicks in Kingston, Kenco near the Exit 19 traffic circle (higher end, great clothing and outdoor stuff).

There is a Walmart and a Target in Kingston, which I won’t mention.